5 U.S. girls wearing sexy lingerie and dancing go viral

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5 U.S. girls wearing sexy lingerie and dancing go viral

Recently, a video circulated on the Internet in which five young girls in revealing sexy underwear lined up in a row, performing dances to Beyonce's "Single Ladies". According to Taiwan’s "China Times", the youngest girl is only eight years old, but she learns to be an adult, and she is doing everything she can to show off the coquettish style. It makes people wonder whether the world has become a mess.

Since the singing talent show "American Idol" became popular nine years ago, various talent shows have been released, attracting countless young people aspiring to enter the show business; and the rise of popular idols such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga has even more induced young people. People (including children) blow a wave of imitation, which creates the so-called "viral video" phenomenon.

Lady Gaga's magic is not too much. In April of this year, the 12-year-old boy Grayson performed Lady Gaga's dance music "Pazzi" on a local audition show in Oklahoma City. After that, he posted the video to Facebook himself, and soon it became popular. The talk show The host Ellen DeGeneres invited him to the show on the 13th, and Lady Gaga personally called in to congratulate him during the show.

Recently, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé co-produced the single "Telephone" (Telephone) and MV. The power is even more extraordinary. There have been more than a dozen imitation videos on the Internet. And "Nobody" by the Korean girl group "Wonder Girls", there are also many amateur imitation videos on the Internet. Usher and Ciara have released new singles and MVs. These MVs all add a strong dance element, and obviously they also smell the huge business opportunities.